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One-Price Promise

Kia Dealership in Portsmouth

Purchasing a brand new car should be an exciting and fun experience. With your hard-earned money on the line, your excitement may quickly go away if your time at the dealership doesn’t go effortlessly. As you have probably experienced in the past, fees at the close of your deal are one of the main offenders for turning a great car buying experience into a poor one. Fortunately, there’s a simple solution to this issue — simply stop charging hidden fees.

So that’s just what we did at Portsmouth Kia. With no doc fees, we stay honest to our One Price Promise guarantee so you can accurately plan for the future without any costs at closing blindsiding you. Oh, and save a ton of money!

Kia Dealership in Portsmouth

Advantages of Portsmouth Kia’s One-Price Promise

When you look around for a dealership in Portsmouth to purchase your next car, you can sleep soundly knowing our One Price Promise policy is in place. While other New Hampshire dealers charge hundreds of dollars in fees after you agreed upon a price, our policy ensures the price we agree upon is the price that you'll pay.

While other dealers will hide their fees as dealership fees, paperwork fees or some other trick to try to get you to pay, the only things you’ll have to think about at Portsmouth Kia are taxes and the title.

Kia Dealership in PortsmouthChanging the Way You Think About Car Shopping

Maybe bad dealership experiences have left you feeling paranoid about the no fee promise, but we urge you to stop by and check out what we’re all about. By providing transparency throughout the car buying process, we try to have honest and open conversations with you to help you and your family find the vehicle that best meets your needs.

Let us work with you to perfect the car buying process. Visit Portsmouth Kia, browse our inventory, and let our One Price Promise policy do our talking for us.

Kia Dealership in Portsmouth